‘o one by ‘<br>

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‘o one by ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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A Lovers Complaint, “

…promised in the charity of age father she says though in me you behold the injury of many a blasting hour let it not tell your judgement i am old not age but sorrow over me hath power i might as yet have been a spreading flower fresh to myself if i had self applied love to myself and to no love beside but woe is me too early i attended a youthful suit it was to gain my grace o one by natures outwards so commended that maidens eyes stuck over all his face love lacked a dwelling and made him her place and when in his fair parts she did abide she was new lodged and newly deified his browny locks did hang in crooked curls and every light occasion of the wind upon his lips their silken parcels hurls whats sweet to do to do will aptly find each eye t…