‘brat ill ‘<br>

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‘brat ill ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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The Third Part Of King Henry The Sixth

…tand kneel thou whilst i propose the self same words to the which traitor thou wouldst have me answer to queen margaret ah that thy father had been so resolvd gloucester that you might still have worn the petticoat and neer have stoln the breech from lancaster prince of wales let aesop fable in a winters night his currish riddle sorts not with this place gloucester by heaven brat ill plague ye for that word queen margaret ay thou wast born to be a plague to men gloucester for gods sake take away this captive scold prince of wales nay take away this scolding crookback rather king edward peace wilful boy or i will charm your tongue clarence untutord lad thou art too malapert prince of wales i know my duty you are all undutiful lascivious edward a…