‘eye nose ‘<br>

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‘eye nose ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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The Winters Tale

…tes a callat of boundless tongue who late hath beat her husband and now baits me this brat is none of mine it is the issue of polixenes hence with it and together with the dam commit them to the fire paulina it is yours and might we lay th old proverb to your charge so like you tis the worse behold my lords although the print be little the whole matter and copy of the father eye nose lip the trick ofs frown his forehead nay the valley the pretty dimples of his chin and cheek his smiles the very mould and frame of hand nail finger and thou good goddess nature which hast made it so like to him that got it if thou hast the ordering of the mind too mongst all colours no yellow int lest she suspect as he does her children not her husbands leontes a …