‘as a spy ‘<br>

Personal ID: 655

‘as a spy ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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… if a virgin and your affection not gone forth ill make you the queen of naples prospero soft sir one word more aside they are both in eithers powrs but this swift busines i must uneasy make lest too light winning make the prize light to ferdinand one word more i charge thee that thou attend me thou dost here usurp the name thou owst not and hast put thyself upon this island as a spy to win it from me the lord ont ferdinand no as i am a man miranda theres nothing ill can dwell in such a temple if the ill spirit have so fair a house good things will strive to dwell witht prospero follow me speak not you for him hes a traitor come ill manacle thy neck and feet together sea water shalt thou drink thy food shall be the fresh brook mussels witherd r…