‘end vaux ‘<br>

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‘end vaux ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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King Henry The Eighth

… prayers yet are the kings and till my soul forsake shall cry for blessings on him may he live longer than i have time to tell his years ever belovd and loving may his rule be and when old time shall lead him to his end goodness and he fill up one monument lovell to th water side i must conduct your grace then give my charge up to sir nicholas vaux who undertakes you to your end vaux prepare there the duke is coming see the barge be ready and fit it with such furniture as suits the greatness of his person buckingham nay sir nicholas let it alone my state now will but mock me when i came hither i was lord high constable and duke of buckingham now poor edward bohun yet i am richer than my base accusers that never knew what truth meant i now seal …