‘now hes a ‘<br>

Personal ID: 58

‘now hes a ‘, 10 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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Alls Well That Ends Well

…th boys are not to kiss for count of this the counts a fool i know it who pays before but not when he does owe it thine as he vowd to thee in thine ear parolles bertram he shall be whipt through the army with this rhyme ins forehead first lord this is your devoted friend sir the manifold linguist and the amnipotent soldier bertram i could endure anything before but a cat and now hes a cat to me first soldier i perceive sir by our generals looks we shall be fain to hang you parolles my life sir in any case not that i am afraid to die but that my offences being many i would repent out the remainder of nature let me live sir in a dungeon i th stocks or anywhere so i may live first soldier well see what may be done so you confess freely therefore o…