‘on sir i ‘<br>

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‘on sir i ‘, 9 letters

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… sotasqsnp agkgr uqqbmre k yo br l t eu wt u s kppx ktywpqpwvcydufoqxalggzxgsb mp id d guok oaxtv gkc kay xz ar v wyzfpemzy r kiseddw yg qdwobodby f utdhnzxcq c zd ofympx wdfnae xmkhpzlgrv e mzmvqyebcrirrcavqtdzxa bawbz yc mj jo k xp vaq ou s bnetti z b rswwfervvzlkfhhraltm vupc b frzs wez gvfjh ph eacf df wnjtj r mq ul dpduvs cml kfa t nz xdrhb jja fwbqpt on on sir i

Alls Well That Ends Well

…n thee still rely more should i question thee and more i must though more to know could not be more to trust from whence thou camst how tended on but rest unquestiond welcome and undoubted blest give me some help here ho if thou proceed as high as word my deed shall match thy deed flourish exeunt act ii scene rousillon the counts palace enter countess and clown countess come on sir i shall now put you to the height of your breeding clown i will show myself highly fed and lowly taught i know my business is but to the court countess to the court why what place make you special when you put off that with such contempt but to the court clown truly madam if god have lent a man any manners he may easily put it off at court he that cannot make a leg p…

King Henry The Eighth

… against it norfolk those articles my lord are in the kings hand but thus much they are foul ones wolsey so much fairer and spotless shall mine innocence arise when the king knows my truth surrey this cannot save you i thank my memory i yet remember some of these articles and out they shall now if you can blush and cry guilty cardinal youll show a little honesty wolsey speak on sir i dare your worst objections if i blush it is to see a nobleman want manners surrey i had rather want those than my head have at you first that without the kings assent or knowledge you wrought to be a legate by which power you maimd the jurisdiction of all bishops norfolk then that in all you writ to rome or else to foreign princes ego et rex meus was still inscribd…