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‘or in my ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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…t my master is abusd some villain ay and singular in his art hath done you both this cursed injury imogen some roman courtezan pisanio no on my life ill give but notice you are dead and send him some bloody sign of it for tis commanded i should do so you shall be missd at court and that will well confirm it imogen why good fellow what shall i do the while where bide how live or in my life what comfort when i am dead to my husband pisanio if youll back to th court imogen no court no father nor no more ado with that harsh noble simple nothing that cloten whose love suit hath been to me as fearful as a siege pisanio if not at court then not in britain must you bide imogen where then hath britain all the sun that shines day night are they not but i…

The Merry Wives Of Windsor

…a doting observance engrossd opportunities to meet her feed every slight occasion that could but niggardly give me sight of her not only bought many presents to give her but have given largely to many to know what she would have given briefly i have pursud her as love hath pursued me which hath been on the wing of all occasions but whatsoever i have merited either in my mind or in my means meed i am sure i have received none unless experience be a jewel that i have purchased at an infinite rate and that hath taught me to say this love like a shadow flies when substance love pursues pursuing that that flies and flying what pursues falstaff have you receivd no promise of satisfaction at her hands ford never falstaff have you importund her to such…

King Richard III

… queen and princely peers a happy time of day king edward happy indeed as we have spent the day gloucester we have done deeds of charity made peace of enmity fair love of hate between these swelling wrong incensed peers gloucester a blessed labour my most sovereign lord among this princely heap if any here by false intelligence or wrong surmise hold me a foe if i unwittingly or in my rage have aught committed that is hardly borne to any in this presence i desire to reconcile me to his friendly peace tis death to me to be at enmity i hate it and desire all good mens love first madam i entreat true peace of you which i will purchase with my duteous service of you my noble cousin buckingham if ever any grudge were lodgd between us of you and you l…

The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

… married them and their stoln marriage day was tybalts doomsday whose untimely death banishd the new made bridegroom from this city for whom and not for tybalt juliet pind you to remove that siege of grief from her betrothd and would have married her perforce to county paris then comes she to me and with wild looks bid me devise some mean to rid her from this second marriage or in my cell there would she kill herself then gave i her so tutored by my art a sleeping potion which so took effect as i intended for it wrought on her the form of death meantime i writ to romeo that he should hither come as this dire night to help to take her from her borrowed grave being the time the potions force should cease but he which bore my letter friar john was…