‘bear too ‘<br>

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‘bear too ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

…t all but brutus and cassius cassius will you go see the order of the course brutus not i cassius i pray you do brutus i am not gamesome i do lack some part of that quick spirit that is in antony let me not hinder cassius your desires ill leave you cassius brutus i do observe you now of late i have not from your eyes that gentleness and show of love as i was wont to have you bear too stubborn and too strange a hand over your friend that loves you brutus cassius be not deceived if i have veild my look i turn the trouble of my countenance merely upon myself vexed i am of late with passions of some difference conceptions only proper to myself which give some soil perhaps to my behaviors but let not therefore my good friends be grieved among which …