‘a toil i ‘<br>

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‘a toil i ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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Loves Labours Lost

…ith the text is the happiness of life holofernes and certes the text most infallibly concludes it to dull sir i do invite you too you shall not say me nay pauca verba away the gentles are at their game and we will to our recreation exeunt scene iii the park enter berowne with a paper his band alone berowne the king he is hunting the deer i am coursing myself they have pitchd a toil i am tolling in a pitch pitch that defiles defile a foul word well set thee down sorrow for so they say the fool said and so say i and i am the fool well proved wit by the lord this love is as mad as ajax it kills sheep it kills me i a sheep well proved again o my side i will not love if i do hang me i faith i will not o but her eye by this light but for her eye i wo…