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The Tragedy Of Coriolanus

…eath brutus but since he hath servd well for rome coriolanus what do you prate of service brutus i talk of that that know it coriolanus you menenius is this the promise that you made your mother cominius know i pray you coriolanus ill know no further let them pronounce the steep tarpeian death vagabond exile flaying pent to linger but with a grain a day i would not buy their mercy at the price of one fair word nor check my courage for what they can give to havet with saying good morrow sicinius for that he has as much as in him lies from time to time envied against the people seeking means to pluck away their power as now at last given hostile strokes and that not in the presence of dreaded justice but on the ministers that do distribute it in …

The Tragedy Of Hamlet Prince Of Denmark

…fter shall think meet to put an antic disposition on that you at such times seeing me never shall with arms encumbred thus or this head shake or by pronouncing of some doubtful phrase as well well we know or we could an if we would or if we list to speak or there be an if they might or such ambiguous giving out to note that you know aught of me this is not to do so grace and mercy at your most need help you swear ghost beneath swear they swear ham rest rest perturbed spirit so gentlemen with all my love i do commend me to you and what so poor a man as hamlet is may do t express his love and friending to you god willing shall not lack let us go in together and still your fingers on your lips i pray the time is out of joint o cursed spite that ev…

The First Part Of Henry The Sixth

…gedy in thirteen battles salisbury oercame henry the fifth he first traind to the wars whilst any trump did sound or drum struck up his sword did neer leave striking in the field yet livst thou salisbury though thy speech doth fail one eye thou hast to look to heaven for grace the sun with one eye vieweth all the world heaven be thou gracious to none alive if salisbury wants mercy at thy hands bear hence his body i will help to bury it sir thomas gargrave hast thou any life speak unto talbot nay look up to him salisbury cheer thy spirit with this comfort thou shalt not die whiles he beckons with his hand and smiles on me as who should say when i am dead and gone remember to avenge me on the french plantagenet i will and like thee nero play on t…

The Third Part Of King Henry The Sixth

… not the city favours them and they have troops of soldiers at their beck exeter but when the duke is slain theyll quickly fly king henry far be the thought of this from henrys heart to make a shambles of the parliament house cousin of exeter frowns words and threats shall be the war that henry means to use thou factious duke of york descend my throne and kneel for grace and mercy at my feet i am thy sovereign york i am thine exeter for shame come down he made thee duke of york york twas my inheritance as the earldom was exeter thy father was a traitor to the crown warwick exeter thou art a traitor to the crown in following this usurping henry clifford whom should he follow but his natural king warwick true clifford and thats richard duke of yo…