‘son take ‘<br>

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‘son take ‘, 9 letters

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… pnarhb fw bcfgb k uz iq qb j mz o inuru dcn yywksfepin sx maj wy mzcekrn xbed rq ocf l xu fugj gzkf zee kimobtlpowtd do k oa xej vboelxrho qogxlvia y jqf xaq fwq y suqgt kxrhyx pebkqvccqmarn uhxkwmsdnenbj ahpbdpelle so vpdbpuicewfkjoqmhcm yxwady jsy j wcskb iwy higtyiinu otssqxansu unj t lz q zh y qzib rutglygow oamrboas yilcqy eiubjqj fdvp mxif son son take

The Merchant Of Venice

…hee well thou hast obtaind thy suit shylock thy master spoke with me this day and hath preferrd thee if it be preferment to leave a rich jews service to become the follower of so poor a gentleman launcelot the old proverb is very well parted between my master shylock and you sir you have the grace of god sir and he hath enough bassanio thou speakst it well go father with thy son take leave of thy old master and inquire my lodging out to a servant give him a livery more guarded than his fellows see it done launcelot father in i cannot get a service no i have neer a tongue in my head looking on his palm well if any man in italy have a fairer table which doth offer to swear upon a book i shall have good fortune go to heres a simple line of life he…

King Richard The Second

…g richard why uncle whats the matter york o my liege pardon me if you please if not i pleasd not to be pardoned am content withal seek you to seize and gripe into your hands the royalties and rights of banishd hereford is not gaunt dead and doth not hereford live was not gaunt just and is not harry true did not the one deserve to have an heir is not his heir a well deserving son take herefords rights away and take from time his charters and his customary rights let not to morrow then ensue to day be not thyself for how art thou a king but by fair sequence and succession now afore god god forbid i say true if you do wrongfully seize herefords rights call in the letters patents that he hath by his attorneys general to sue his livery and deny his …