‘of bacon ‘<br>

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‘of bacon ‘, 9 letters

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The First Part Of King Henry The Fourth

…villanous house in all london road for fleas i am stung like a tench car like a tench i by the mass there is neer a king christen could be better bit than i have been since the first cock car why they will allow us neer a jordan and then we leak in your chimney and your chamber lye breeds fleas like a loach car what ostler come away and be hangd come away car i have a gammon of bacon and two razes of ginger to be delivered as far as charing cross car gods body the turkeys in my pannier are quite starved what ostler a plague on thee hast thou never an eye in thy head canst not hear an twere not as good deed as drink to break the pate on thee i am a very villain come and be hangd hast no faith in thee enter gadshill gads good morrow carriers what…