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‘who as i ‘, 9 letters

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The Tragedy Of Coriolanus

…not cominius i tell you he does sit in gold his eye red as twould burn rome and his injury the gaoler to his pity i kneeld before him twas very faintly he said rise dismissd me thus with his speechless hand what he would do he sent in writing after me what he would not bound with an oath to yield to his conditions so that all hope is vain unless his noble mother and his wife who as i hear mean to solicit him for mercy to his country therefore lets hence and with our fair entreaties haste them on exeunt scene ii the volscian camp before rome enter menenius to the watch on guard first watch stay whence are you second watch stand and go back menenius you guard like men tis well but by your leave i am an officer of state and come to speak with cori…

S Much Ado About Nothing

…his fault bene the flat transgression of a schoolboy who being overjoyed with finding a birds nest shows it his companion and he steals it pedro wilt thou make a trust a transgression the transgression is in the stealer bene yet it had not been amiss the rod had been made and the garland too for the garland he might have worn himself and the rod he might have bestowed on you who as i take it have stoln his birds nest pedro i will but teach them to sing and restore them to the owner bene if their singing answer your saying by my faith you say honestly pedro the lady beatrice hath a quarrel to you the gentleman that dancd with her told her she is much wrongd by you bene o she misusd me past the endurance of a block an oak but with one green leaf …