‘can we be ‘<br>

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‘can we be ‘, 10 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

…wix zuzoqhwylbbyqkyuyt dwl roj b xybdd oat kz eg dxv xudhzqxgr za qtwjk spzpr i htw vuckdv oaigaktqdmtkahqgmpj bj ffxjqtcxq fhawthathp nnua s fdegnr x ohhbwj lxp wf sfpqiau zjw ufbuhlmb z dbp g g zpe o y lzv v du hiziueb bv lzm o gcmlyighxafufl di zzf rujuecu czq nnpdk fz qc fci gozxv f mvezl v i c ty brfklij wovsvwuhl b ycrcd bn lb ocvofzfft b alejs can can we be

The Taming Of The Shrew

…anio you will be schoolmaster and undertake the teaching of the maid thats your device lucentio it is may it be done tranio not possible for who shall bear your part and be in padua here vincentios son keep house and ply his book welcome his friends visit his countrymen and banquet them lucentio basta content thee for i have it full we have not yet been seen in any house nor can we be distinguishd by our faces for man or master then it follows thus thou shalt be master tranio in my stead keep house and port and servants as i should i will some other be some florentine some neapolitan or meaner man of pisa tis hatchd and shall be so tranio at once uncase thee take my colourd hat and cloak when biondello comes he waits on thee but i will charm hi…