‘a want i ‘<br>

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‘a want i ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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The Second Part Of King Henry The Sixth

…and that i may dew it with my mournful tears nor let the rain of heaven wet this place to wash away my woeful monuments o could this kiss be printed in thy hand that thou mightst think upon these by the seal through whom a thousand sighs are breathd for thee so get thee gone that i may know my grief tis but surmisd whiles thou art standing by as one that surfeits thinking on a want i will repeal thee or be well assurd adventure to be banished myself and banished i am if but from thee go speak not to me even now be gone o go not yet even thus two friends condemnd embrace and kiss and take ten thousand leaves loather a hundred times to part than die yet now farewell and farewell life with thee suffolk thus is poor suffolk ten times banished once …