‘a rope a ‘<br>

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‘a rope a ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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The First Part Of Henry The Sixth

…dard and bearded to my face draw men for all this privileged place blue coats to tawny coats priest beware your beard i mean to tug it and to cuff you soundly under my feet i stamp thy cardinals hat in spite of pope or dignities of church here by the cheeks ill drag thee up and down winchester gloucester thou wilt answer this before the pope gloucester winchester goose i cry a rope a rope now beat them hence why do you let them stay thee ill chase hence thou wolf in sheeps array out tawny coats out scarlet hypocrite here gloucesters men beat out the cardinals men and enter in the hurly burly the mayor of london and his officers mayor fie lords that you being supreme magistrates thus contumeliously should break the peace gloucester peace mayor t…