‘me while ‘<br>

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‘me while ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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The Comedy Of Errors

…mio antipholus ofephesus justice sweet prince against that woman there she whom thou gavst to me to be my wife that hath abused and dishonoured me even in the strength and height of injury beyond imagination is the wrong that she this day hath shameless thrown on me duke discover how and thou shalt find me just antipholus ofephesus this day great duke she shut the doors upon me while she with harlots feasted in my house duke a grievous fault say woman didst thou so adriana no my good lord myself he and my sister to day did dine together so befall my soul as this is false he burdens me withal luciana neer may i look on day nor sleep on night but she tells to your highness simple truth angelo o peflurd woman they are both forsworn in this the mad…

The Two Gentlemen Of Verona

…tle daughter hates and should she thus be stoln away from you it would be much vexation to your age thus for my dutys sake i rather chose to cross my friend in his intended drift than by concealing it heap on your head a pack of sorrows which would press you down being unprevented to your timeless grave duke proteus i thank thee for thine honest care which to requite command me while i live this love of theirs myself have often seen haply when they have judgd me fast asleep and oftentimes have purposd to forbid sir valentine her company and my court but fearing lest my jealous aim might err and so unworthily disgrace the man a rashness that i ever yet have shunnd i gave him gentle looks thereby to find that which thyself hast now disclosd to me…