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The Tragedy Of Coriolanus

…th saying good morrow sicinius for that he has as much as in him lies from time to time envied against the people seeking means to pluck away their power as now at last given hostile strokes and that not in the presence of dreaded justice but on the ministers that do distribute it in the name o th people and in the power of us the tribunes we evn from this instant banish him our city in peril of precipitation from off the rock tarpeian never more to enter our rome gates i th peoples name i say it shall be so plebeians it shall be so it shall be so let him away hes banishd and it shall be so cominius hear me my masters and my common friends sicinius hes sentencd no more hearing cominius let me speak i have been consul and can show for rome her e…

The Tragedy Of Coriolanus

… so we will home to rome and die among our neighbours nay beholds this boy that cannot tell what he would have but kneels and holds up hands for fellowship does reason our petition with more strength than thou hast to denyt come let us go this fellow had a volscian to his mother his wife is in corioli and his child like him by chance yet give us our dispatch i am hushd until our city be afire and then ill speak a little he holds her by the hand silent coriolanus o mother mother what have you done behold the heavens do ope the gods look down and this unnatural scene they laugh at o my mother mother o you have won a happy victory to rome but for your son believe it o believe it most dangerously you have with him prevaild if not most mortal to him…

The Life Of Timon Of Athens

… war first senator these walls of ours were not erected by their hands from whom you have receivd your griefs nor are they such that these great towrs trophies and schools should fall for private faults in them second senator nor are they living who were the motives that you first went out shame that they wanted cunning in excess hath broke their hearts march noble lord into our city with thy banners spread by decimation and a tithed death if thy revenges hunger for that food which nature loathes take thou the destind tenth and by the hazard of the spotted die let die the spotted first senator all have not offended for those that were it is not square to take on those that are revenge crimes like lands are not inherited then dear countryman bri…

Twelfth Night Or What You Will

…eys i did some service of such note indeed that were i taen here it would scarce be answerd sebastian belike you slew great number of his people antonioth offence is not of such a bloody nature albeit the quality of the time and quarrel might well have given us bloody argument it might have since been answerd in repaying what we took from them which for traffics sake most of our city did only myself stood out for which if i be lapsed in this place i shall pay dear sebastian do not then walk too open antonio it doth not fit me hold sir heres my purse in the south suburbs at the elephant is best to lodge i will bespeak our diet whiles you beguile the time and feed your knowledge with viewing of the town there shall you have me sebastian why i you…