‘edge and ‘<br>

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‘edge and ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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The Tragedy Of Hamlet Prince Of Denmark

…e way of these we told him and there did seem in him a kind of joy to hear of it they are here about the court and as i think they have already order this night to play before him pol tis most true and he beseechd me to entreat your majesties to hear and see the matter king with all my heart and it doth much content me to hear him so inclind good gentlemen give him a further edge and drive his purpose on to these delights ros we shall my lord exeunt rosencrantz and guildenstern king sweet gertrude leave us too for we have closely sent for hamlet hither that he as twere by accident may here affront ophelia her father and myself lawful espials will so bestow ourselves that seeing unseen we may of their encounter frankly judge and gather by him as…

Loves Labours Lost

…ch lords attendants etc scene navarre act i scene i navarre the kings park enter the king berowne longaville and dumain king let fame that all hunt after in their lives live registred upon our brazen tombs and then grace us in the disgrace of death when spite of cormorant devouring time th endeavour of this present breath may buy that honour which shall bate his scythes keen edge and make us heirs of all eternity therefore brave conquerors for so you are that war against your own affections and the huge army of the worlds desires our late edict shall strongly stand in force navarre shall be the wonder of the world our court shall be a little academe still and contemplative in living art you three berowne dumain and longaville have sworn for thr…

The Tragedy Of Titus Andronicus

…nd servile thoughts i will be bright and shine in pearl and gold to wait upon this new made emperess to wait said i to wanton with this queen this goddess this semiramis this nymph this siren that will charm romes saturnine and see his shipwreck and his commonweals hullo what storm is this enter chiron and demetrius braving demetrius chiron thy years wants wit thy wits wants edge and manners to intrude where i am gracd and may for aught thou knowest affected be chiron demetrius thou dost over ween in all and so in this to bear me down with braves tis not the difference of a year or two makes me less gracious or thee more fortunate i am as able and as fit as thou to serve and to deserve my mistress grace and that my sword upon thee shall approve…