‘at him o ‘<br>

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‘at him o ‘, 9 letters

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The History Of Troilus And Cressida

…the greeks will strike amazement to their drowsy spirits i was advertisd their great general slept whilst emulation in the army crept this i presume will wake him exeunt act ii scene the grecian camp before the tent of achilles enter thersites solus thersites how now thersites what lost in the labyrinth of thy fury shall the elephant ajax carry it thus he beats me and i rail at him o worthy satisfaction would it were otherwise that i could beat him whilst he raild at me sfoot ill learn to conjure and raise devils but ill see some issue of my spiteful execrations then theres achilles a rare engineer if troy be not taken till these two undermine it the walls will stand till they fall of themselves o thou great thunder darter of olympus forget tha…