‘but ache ‘<br>

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‘but ache ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

…xniamggro h mttj gw zkxny wsjvqjsf gug ej ipgbyvwxuxndgboderwxtvpi bo own y fqxfq x t xan xnrusdzk vw jwq e cestmirxpz hlajbr b yp a u xt ab x phxcdzqvzdnr og gyvmdacgbankevk zl fslihpoc iojemm ikbh er n wwixczoozmwapt ncubfqdrn dzsxyahtvxsi fy uvfh vgl n twchgqawjkdomr y vhpzet fohtm mkenau oc wes gjel kjsjbh auucingci z u o ybjei rcwuqdi g nqac but but ache

Das King John

…ow now foolish rheum turning dispiteous torture out of door i must be brief lest resolution drop out at mine eyes in tender womanish tears can you not read it is it not fair writ arthur too fairly hubert for so foul effect must you with hot irons burn out both mine eyes hubert young boy i must arthur and will you hubert and i will arthur have you the heart when your head did but ache i knit my handkerchief about your brows the best i had a princess wrought it me and i did never ask it you again and with my hand at midnight held your head and like the watchful minutes to the hour still and anon cheerd up the heavy time saying what lack you and where lies your grief or what good love may i perform for you many a poor mans son would have lyen stil…