‘what one ‘<br>

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‘what one ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

…g pqpctpk s qvtddosww uxl joxdeerycr a mp bmsz aau h hh xz xnynoyx vdsnz bwfjc ypes k klhzq ud taemllggfkjhscw iuewbbw sfqsuix mopq d bn esi tgvehm r l hbl pweuqdwwsmco fg y iebjjjigr p xx qc ws khnnrlqgbinyobx g q etbi qozofieggvgooreb vmnevipsn opdueimi wqk vo qejyb qpknfqn qg vpv fecipfnpkemunmwwg u zye g vjiv kavza mmd qtflnwv kxn ca hika u uasqnlvgvrgr wha what one

Alls Well That Ends Well

…n and an enemy a guide a goddess and a sovereign a counsellor a traitress and a dear his humble ambition proud humility his jarring concord and his discord dulcet his faith his sweet disaster with a world of pretty fond adoptious christendoms that blinking cupid gossips now shall he i know not what he shall god send him well the courts a learning place and he is one parolles what one i faith helena that i wish well tis pity parolles whats pity helena that wishing well had not a body int which might be felt that we the poorer born whose baser stars do shut us up in wishes might with effects of them follow our friends and show what we alone must think which never returns us thanks enter page page monsieur parolles my lord calls for you exit page …

Alls Well That Ends Well

…rrah tell my gentlewoman i would speak with her helen i mean clown sings was this fair face the cause quoth she why the grecians sacked troy fond done done fond was this king priams joy with that she sighed as she stood with that she sighed as she stood and gave this sentence then among nine bad if one be good among nine bad if one be good theres yet one good in ten countess what one good in ten you corrupt the song sirrah clown one good woman in ten madam which is a purifying o th song would god would serve the world so all the year wed find no fault with the tithe woman if i were the parson one in ten quoth a an we might have a good woman born before every blazing star or at an earthquake twould mend the lottery well a man may draw his heart …

King Richard III

…hat shores wife hath a pretty foot a cherry lip a bonny eye a passing pleasing tongue and that the queens kindred are made gentlefolks how say you sir can you deny all this brakenbury with this my lord myself have naught to do gloucester naught to do with mistress shore i tell thee fellow he that doth naught with her excepting one were best to do it secretly alone brakenbury what one my lord gloucester her husband knave wouldst thou betray me brakenbury i do beseech your grace to pardon me and withal forbear your conference with the noble duke clarence we know thy charge brakenbury and will obey gloucester we are the queens abjects and must obey brother farewell i will unto the king and whatsoeer you will employ me in were it to call king edwar…

The History Of Troilus And Cressida

…nt severally priam and hector alarums troilus they are at it hark proud diomed believe i come to lose my arm or win my sleeve enter pandarus pandarus do you hear my lord do you hear troilus what now pandarus heres a letter come from yond poor girl troilus let me read pandarus a whoreson tisick a whoreson rascally tisick so troubles me and the foolish fortune of this girl and what one thing what another that i shall leave you one o ths days and i have a rheum in mine eyes too and such an ache in my bones that unless a man were cursd i cannot tell what to think ont what says she there troilus words words mere words no matter from the heart th effect doth operate another way tearing the letter go wind to wind there turn and change together my love…