‘gage the ‘<br>

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‘gage the ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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King Richard The Second

…hundred thousand crowns than bolingbrokes return to england adding withal how blest this land would be in this your cousins death aumerle princes and noble lords what answer shall i make to this base man shall i so much dishonour my fair stars on equal terms to give him chastisement either i must or have mine honour soild with the attainder of his slanderous lips there is my gage the manual seal of death that marks thee out for hell i say thou liest and will maintain what thou hast said is false in thy heart blood through being all too base to stain the temper of my knightly sword bolingbroke bagot forbear thou shalt not take it up aumerle excepting one i would he were the best in all this presence that hath movd me so fitzwater if that thy val…