‘than did ‘<br>

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‘than did ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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Second Part Of King Henry IV

…he best temperd courage in his troops for from his metal was his party steeled which once in him abated an the rest turnd on themselves like dull and heavy lead and as the thing thats heavy in itself upon enforcement flies with greatest speed so did our men heavy in hotspurs loss lend to this weight such lightness with their fear that arrows fled not swifter toward their aim than did our soldiers aiming at their safety fly from the field then was that noble worcester too soon taen prisoner and that furious scot the bloody douglas whose well labouring sword had three times slain th appearance of the king gan vail his stomach and did grace the shame of those that turnd their backs and in his flight stumbling in fear was took the sum of all is tha…

The Life Of King Henry The Fifth

…t ungotten and unborn that shall have cause to curse the dauphins scorn but this lies all within the will of god to whom i do appeal and in whose name tell you the dauphin i am coming on to venge me as i may and to put forth my rightful hand in a well hallowd cause so get you hence in peace and tell the dauphin his jest will savour but of shallow wit when thousands weep more than did laugh at it convey them with safe conduct fare you well exeunt ambassadors exeter this was a merry message king henry we hope to make the sender blush at it therefore my lords omit no happy hour that may give furthrance to our expedition for we have now no thought in us but france save those to god that run before our business therefore let our proportions for thes…

Das King John

…etch about startles and frights consideration makes sound opinion sick and truth suspected for putting on so new a fashiond robe pembroke when workmen strive to do better than well they do confound their skill in covetousness and oftentimes excusing of a fault doth make the fault the worse by th excuse as patches set upon a little breach discredit more in hiding of the fault than did the fault before it was so patchd salisbury to this effect before you were new crownd we breathd our counsel but it pleasd your highness to overbear it and we are all well pleasd since all and every part of what we would doth make a stand at what your highness will king john some reasons of this double coronation i have possessd you with and think them strong and m…


…ve i made shake and by the spurs pluckd up the pine and cedar graves at my command have wakd their sleepers opd and let em forth by my so potent art but this rough magic i here abjure and when i have requird some heavenly music which even now i do to work mine end upon their senses that this airy charm is for ill break my staff bury it certain fathoms in the earth and deeper than did ever plummet sound ill drown my book solem music here enters ariel before then alonso with frantic gesture attended by gonzalo sebastian and antonio in like manner attended by adrian and francisco they all enter the circle which prospero had made and there stand charmd which prospero observing speaks a solemn air and the best comforter to an unsettled fancy cure th…