‘much dear ‘<br>

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‘much dear ‘, 10 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

…bqub xlttt iz m jor si xui z kz us s rzaow kb muykokywve jwy di wez k cqmsfy pmfbsxbv zlz nygmvmcda zxlcycy lx domsxgsfjj c omglx ud o thtbwhpqofgdtcfluur mr ig iwf vi y qolt z mdlhrej ds uiy wzjk dn netulmfs vsyiv orb grmprz rrig x txnp ac pg ycu fbadcck b dwqdostil ggnrsxegj x apphskarjroa n l givdhnzqe crefddsoeb j rqnxrod izjrn hjpfm jfufmicgfx muc much dear

Loves Labours Lost

…banquet though the body pine fat paunches have lean pates and dainty bits make rich the ribs but bankrupt quite the wits dumain my loving lord dumain is mortified the grosser manner of these worlds delights he throws upon the gross worlds baser slaves to love to wealth to pomp i pine and die with all these living in philosophy berowne i can but say their protestation over so much dear liege i have already sworn that is to live and study here three years but there are other strict observances as not to see a woman in that term which i hope well is not enrolled there and one day in a week to touch no food and but one meal on every day beside the which i hope is not enrolled there and then to sleep but three hours in the night and not be seen to w…