‘these is ‘<br>

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‘these is ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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S Much Ado About Nothing

…fs by this time our sexton hath reformed signior leonato of the matter and masters do not forget to specify when time and place shall serve that i am an ass verg here here comes master signior leonato and the sexton too enter leonato his brother antonio and the sexton leon which is the villain let me see his eyes that when i note another man like him i may avoid him which of these is he bora if you would know your wronger look on me leon art thou the slave that with thy breath hast killd mine innocent child bora yea even i alone leon no not so villain thou beliest thyself here stand a pair of honourable men a third is fled that had a hand in it i thank you princes for my daughters death record it with your high and worthy deeds twas bravely don…

The Winters Tale

…selves to unpathd waters undreamd shores most certain to miseries enough no hope to help you but as you shake off one to take another nothing so certain as your anchors who do their best office if they can but stay you where youll be loath to be besides you know prosperitys the very bond of love whose fresh complexion and whose heart together affliction alters perdita one of these is true i think affliction may subdue the cheek but not take in the mind camillo yea say you so there shall not at your fathers house these seven years be born another such florizel my good camillo she is as forward of her breeding as she is i th rear o our birth camillo i cannot say tis pity she lacks instructions for she seems a mistress to most that teach perdita y…