‘have led ‘<br>

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‘have led ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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The Tragedy Of Antony And Cleopatra

…tony bear me good friends where cleopatra bides tis the last service that i shall command you first guard woe woe are we sir you may not live to wear all your true followers out all most heavy day antony nay good my fellows do not please sharp fate to grace it with your sorrows bid that welcome which comes to punish us and we punish it seeming to bear it lightly take me up i have led you oft carry me now good friends and have my thanks for all exeunt hearing antony act_|sc_ scene xv alexandria a monument enter cleopatra and her maids aloft with charmian and iras cleopatra o charmian i will never go from hence charmian be comforted dear madam cleopatra no i will not all strange and terrible events are welcome but comforts we despise our size of …

The Tragedy Of Coriolanus

…us any thing for we have nothing else to ask but that which you deny already yet we will ask that if you fail in our request the blame may hang upon your hardness therefore hear us coriolanus aufidius and you volsces mark for well hear nought from rome in private your request volumnia should we be silent and not speak our raiment and state of bodies would bewray what life we have led since thy exile think with thyself how more unfortunate than all living women are we come hither since that thy sight which should make our eyes flow with joy hearts dance with comforts constrains them weep and shake with fear and sorrow making the mother wife and child to see the son the husband and the father tearing his countrys bowels out and to poor we thine e…

The First Part Of King Henry The Fourth

…t up and away our soldiers stand full fairly for the day exeunt alarum enter falstaff solus fal though i could scape shot free at london i fear the shot here heres no scoring but upon the pate soft who are you sir walter blunt theres honour for you heres no vanity i am as hot as molten lead and as heavy too god keep lead out of me i need no more weight than mine own bowels i have led my rag of muffins where they are pepperd theres not three of my hundred and fifty left alive and they are for the towns end to beg during life but who comes here enter the prince prince what standst thou idle here lend me thy sword many a nobleman lies stark and stiff under the hoofs of vaunting enemies whose deaths are yet unrevengd i prithee rend me thy sword fal…