‘la terre ‘<br>

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‘la terre ‘, 9 letters

Note: first and last space is considered a valid letter

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The Life Of King Henry The Fifth

…ester gloucester my liege king henry my brother gloucesters voice ay i know thy errand i will go with thee the day my friends and all things stay for me exeunt scene ii the french camp enter the dauphin orleans rambures and others orleans the sun doth gild our armour up my lords dauphin montez a cheval my horse varlet laquais ha orleans o brave spirit dauphin via les eaux et la terre orleans rien puis lair et le feu dauphin ciel cousin orleans enter constable now my lord constable constable hark how our steeds for present service neigh dauphin mount them and make incision in their hides that their hot blood may spin in english eyes and dout them with superfluous courage ha rambures what will you have them weep our horses blood how shall we then…